We are a family farm in La Cienega, growing certified organic vegetables, flowers and grapes on 5 acres. We farm in a beautiful valley with a spring fed acequia and use water conservation and soil building practices in our high desert climate.


You can find us at the Saturday and Tuesday Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, at La Montanita Co-op and at local restaurants.


We also have a market debit CSA if you wish to support us and be a part of our farm!

Contact us for more information.



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there!

    We met Rachel at Full Belly a few years ago while on a visit there. Judith and Thomas told us about their lovely visit with you in June after leaving our place.

    We are headed to Santa Fe the third week in September, and we will come by the market on the 20th to say hi and buy some veggies. We know you’ll be busy selling then, so we won’t interrupt you!

    See you next month,
    Emily and Mike

  2. Tom and Mary, and Family,
    Thanks for another bountiful year. I’m still cooking up some carrots and beets from the Summer harvest. The turnips are a challenge…I remember Dick Gregory saying he would ‘jump over something or other’ to get to a turnip at the bottom of the barrel during one of his many fasts. So I guess there is a way to make them tasty.
    Bushrod Lake

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